This is a translation of 'Some Ways to Break the Paid Subscription 'Ceiling'' with the help of DeepL and ChatGPT. Please note that it was written with Korean publishers in mind. 

It has been claimed that we are reaching a saturation point in paid subscriptions within the Korean market. I find such assertions to be exaggerated and premature, particularly considering that less than 10% of the population in this country has ever paid for digital news or content. While it is plausible that some individuals may exhibit negligence in addressing this matter, I anticipate encountering significant disagreement on this perspective, highlighting the inherent difficulty of the task at hand.

A thought-provoking paper originating from Norway(Borchgrevink-Brækhus, M., & Moe, H.,2023) sheds light on the qualitative study examining why young individuals perceive paid subscriptions as burdensome. As you may be aware, the Nordic region stands as a notable example of heightened engagement in paying for digital content. According to the Digital News Report 2023, Norway boasts the highest rate of online news payment worldwide, surpassing the global average by 17%. This exemplifies a mature region in terms of news subscriptions.

Newman, N., Fletcher, R., Eddy, K., Robertson, C. T., & Nielsen, R. K. (2023). Digital News Report 2023.